Our Mission

The Spotted Draft Horse Registry has these objectives:

Define Spotted Drafts as horses of draft type and origin with paint/pinto coloring.
Aid breeders and owners of Spotted Draft horses by creating a searchable public record of Spotted Draft horse pedigrees and by doing so preserving the history of the Spotted Draft.
Increase the value of Spotted Draft horses by recording their pedigrees and by promoting members' horses through various advertising venues.
Provide exceptional customer service.  We provide payment services through PayPal, an internationally recognized, secure method of payment which guarantees you receive what you paid for in a timely manner.

Who We Are

We are horse owners and breeders just like you.  We feel blessed to be able to
live and work with such majestic, intelligent, and beautiful animals.  Spotted Draft
horses really are in a class all their own being such colorful, gentle and versatile
animals!  These colorful horses are made up of a wide variety of draft types:  
Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, and many more, each having their own unique
characteristics.  They also include varying amounts of light horse breeds to which
some Spotted Drafts owe their pinto patterning.  

Many Spotted Draft enthusiast and breeders prefer the very heavy draft while
others prefer a bit lighter horse.  Spotted Drafts can be found participating in a wide
number of activities, from plowing fields to heavy hitch classes and parades,
dressage classes, fox hunts, pleasure driving, western classes and much more.
We believe the wide variety of Spotted Drafts is what helps make them so versatile
and unique!

Our goal is to provide a venue for registering all qualifying Spotted Drafts in a
manner which values each horse equally regardless of type or pedigree.  We
believe your horse's value should and will be determined by our free market
society and our system of registration reflects that.

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