1.  Can I register my horse if its parents pedigree information is not available?

Yes, your horse can be registered even if your horse's pedigree is unknown as long  
as he/she exhibits draft characteristics and meets the color and height requirements.

2.  Can I update my horse's registration papers if its pedigree information becomes available?

Yes, your horse's registration papers can be updated at any time.

3.  Does my horse need to have a DNA test?

We do recommend if you have a breeding stallion that he be
DNA tested but at this time it is not a requirement for registration.

4.  My horse is registered with another registry.  Can I also register with SDHR?

Yes!  Your horse can be registered as long as he/she meets the requirements for a
Spotted Draft Horse.   If your horse was registered Pinto Draft Horse (PDR) or Spotted Draft Horse Society (SDHS) just send a copy of both sides of your PDR or SDHS registration papers and we will register your horse free of charge.  

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